The Scout is responsible for "scouting out" and arranging for all of the Expedition events. The Scout contacts the various venues, makes the reservations, makes necessary payments, obtains keys if needed, arranges for unlocking and locking the venue if required, places signs if needed to aid in finding the venue, and provides information about the event in a timely manner with directions and maps to the Web Spinner who then posts the information on the Expedition Web Site. Since the Scout makes the reservations for the events, he is also responsible for updating and maintaining the Expedition Planning Calendar and coordinating any updates between the Guides and Princess programs.

Resources for the Scout

Below you will find various resources that are useful for the Scout. All documents are in their original format to allow downloading and updating as needed. If you do update any of these documents, please email the new document to the Web Spinner so that it can be uploaded for future use. Also, feel free to send any documents that you have that you feel may be useful for future Scouts. Thank you for your help.

Sample Planning Calendar
General campground information

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Bartlett Lake
Camp Surf
Canyon Point
Chavez Crossing
Clear Creek
Dairy Springs
Dead Horse Ranch
Dog Town Lake
Dons Base Camp
Eagle Ridge
Gilbert Ray
Granite Basin
Grapevine at Roosevelt Lake
Lewis Canyon
Long Valley
Old Tucson Studios
Reynolds Creek
Roper Lake
Sharp Creek
Timber Camp
Usery Pass
Whispering Pines
White Horse Lake
White Tail
Wolf Creek