The Expedition Navigator is the leader of the Expedition. The Expedition Navigator conducts the monthly Council meetings, leads various ceremonies at Expedition events, maintains communication with the YMCA staff, represents the Expedition at general public events, coordinates between the Guides and Princess programs when needed, and generally oversees all aspects of the San Tan Expedition of Adventure Guides and Princesses.

Contact Information:

The Expedition Navigator has a contact email for all Expedition correspondence. The address is  for the Princess program Navigator and for the Guides program Navigator. All new Navigators should contact the Web Spinner for login and password information to allow them to send and receive email.

Resources for the Expedition Navigator

Below you will find various resources that are useful for the Expedition Navigator. All documents are in their original format to allow downloading and updating as needed. If you do update any of these documents, please email the new document to the Web Spinner so that it can be uploaded for future use. Also, feel free to send any documents that you have that you feel may be useful for future Navigators. Thank you for your help.

Navigator Responsibilities
Story Sheet
Tribal Property Judging Form
Generic Recruitment Flyer
Generic Registration Form