The Compass Bearer is second in command of the Expedition. The Compass Bearer has all of the power and responsibilities of the Expedition Navigator in his absence. The Compass Bearer is also the distributor of awards and must maintain adequate stock of all beads, arrow heads, patches, etc. while also tracking Circle of the Year points and other various award records. The Compass Bearer also traditionally becomes the Expedition Navigator for the next year.

Resources for the Compass Bearer

Below you will find various resources that are useful for the Compass Bearer. All documents are in their original format to allow downloading and updating as needed. If you do update any of these documents, please email the new document to the Web Spinner so that it can be uploaded for future use. Also, feel free to send any documents that you have that you feel may be useful for future Compass Bearers. Thank you for your help.

Circle of the Year points tracking
Bead Roster
Patch/Bead/Claw Stock