The Circle Navigator is the leader for a specific Circle. The Circle Navigator oversees the monthly Circle meetings, leads various ceremonies at Circle events, maintains good communication between the Expedition Council and Circle members, represents the Circle at the monthly Council meetings, coordinates with other Circles when needed, and generally oversees all aspects of one specific Circle. The Circle Navigator will generally also lead Saturday group activities and the Sunday Service at Expedition Campouts at which their Circle is hosting.

Resources for the Circle Leader

Below you will find various resources that are useful for the Circle Leader. All documents are in their original format to allow downloading and updating as needed. If you do update any of these documents, please email the new document to the Web Spinner so that it can be uploaded for future use. Also, feel free to send any documents that you have that you feel may be useful for future Circle Leaders. Thank you for your help.

Leader Information
Leader Responsibilities
First Meeting Outline
Circle Roster
Member Profile
Dad's Meeting
Circle Property Form
Meeting Assignment
General Awards Program
Other Awards
Bead Roster Sheet
Sample Campout Agenda
Campout Activity Suggestions
Circle of the Year Tracking
Sunday Service Suggestions (coming soon)