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Guides Yearbook Photo Album

Check out our Guides yearbook photos below for great photos of our boys with their dads. The Y-Adventure Guides (Formerly Indian Guides) is for Fathers and Sons ages 5-12. We offer fathers the chance to bond with their sons on many levels to build a loving and trusting relationship that will last a lifetime. The Y-Adventure Guide program is a unique learning experience for both father and son. Join Us Today!

2012-2013 Rattlesnakes

Charles Big Bear with
Zach Thunderbolt

Craig Tough Mudder with
Jacob Terrifying Snake

Jack with Noah

James with Joshua

Jesus Crazy Horse with
Carlo Chicken Wing

Matthew Ghost Walker with
Nathaniel Gurgling Dolphin

Tommy Big Fox with
Mason Pine Twig

John Screeching Eagle with
Nick Quick Scope

Brian with Jack & Ty

Jon Snores like a Bear
with Brett Angry Bird

2012-2013 Zunis

Aaron Gray Wolf with
Aidan Speedy Bobcat

Don with Jack

James with Garrison

Jason with Nathan

Joe Papa Bear with
Patrick Slithering Snake

Jonathan with Cole

Warren buffalo wind with
Ryan-big foot & Jack-Sasquatch

Ross with Ryan & Evan